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Q: What is it?

A: A light card game about building and selling robots in a fluctuating market, for 2-5 players.

Q: How is it played?

A: Players take turns choosing cards from a row, adding value to all the cards below the one they chose. Once they have a complete bot with a head, torso and legs, they can sell it.

Q: What makes it interesting?

A: The money you earn for selling a robot is based on 1: The current market value of each colour, and 2: how many parts are the same colour. The market is constantly shifting, so keeping track of what your opponents are doing, and how they will effect the game is important.

For more information, read the full rules on Google Docs.

I've made some serious changes to the game in the past couple months. While the part cards remain functionally the same, the art has been updated, and the gameplay refined through playtesting.

This game still needs playtesters. I appreciate any feedback about your experiences with it. Thanks in advance for trying it out.

(Created using The Gimp, Inkscape and Card Maker, origionally for the 2016 Microgame Print and Play Contest on BoardGameGeek)


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