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This game is Great!

I like that so many objects on screen are clickable

I got sad when Nat died though:(

The application of Extra CGA challenge in this game contributes to making its aesthetic a memorable one, with the assistance of Extra Voice of course :P. Some more tools would be nice, but with the limited dev time that probably couldn't have been possible.

This game is great, I like how the challenge keeps ramping up and keeps things fresh until the end. Keeping track of your location is a bit frustrating to avoid the mines and zombies, but thankfully it's much easier when you get the drone.  Also I like how the game doesn't take itself seriously at all, and the sound effects was just the cherry on top.

nice sound effects but I think I'm too stupid for this one. Wasted a good 15 minutes on the second stage.


Oh, that music. It's well done, but I see why it's optional.

Cool theming and lots of variety in the challenges, which only kept getting wilder.



This is really nice! Can't reset when I died but really enjoyed it! I as one move away from winning haha. Love all the sound effects and everything! Great work! And great use of the challenges!


Try unplugging the computer!

I killed Nat and can't reset the console. Press F to pay respect! Amazing game tho! Love the sound effects, love the graphics and absolutely love the idea. Kind of like those Freddie games but not spooky :)

Yeah, that's a fair comparison :D

Try unplugging the console btw!

omg this is so great. the music and sound effects...

My neighbors must be so worried about me...