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Great game concept! I discovered first Tower of Mages, then Hall of the Dwarven King, and finally this one. The format seems reskinable/hackable in many ways!

On a side note, this game reminds me the tabletop (non-roleplay) game Galaxy Trucker, featuring modular ships, balance between cargo, defenses, crew and engines, and also epic fails with shattering ships and nasty encounters.

I lost my drone bays so I can't construct anything, be that drone bays or anything else. A vicious cycle, damn. 

You've gotta protect your drone bays, how early in the game did this happen?

did i lost by loosing my two last drone bays ? This case is not described in the rules. Maybe it could be fixed by saying without any drone bay, the hub is able to build a new one by rolling a die and getting a 3 at the cost of an action per roll (and why not by destryong any part of the ship to get the marials for the drone bay)

uh i think i understood what i missed i should have discarded a die and roll again the last one. Is it that ? But in the case i have only one drone bay lasting and get a 6, what happening ?

If you ever find yourself without drones, rush home!

I understand you can discard a die to reroll the remaining dice any number of times, preventing the discarded die's drone to be destroyed. If you happen to have only one drone, you can discard it to reroll the remaining zero dice.

in another situation, you could have a really bad roll and destroy your last drone as a result of exploring. That is all on you. You should've known better to protect your drones before exploring.

This seems sensible.

I tuned the punishment for failure way up on this one.