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Just started playing, weird question, but can houses convert multiple wheat to points? It makes sense to Use them Up at the end to stretch to more points

Each house can only convert one wheat to points per turn. The "Use Up" would allow a second wheat to be converted.

Thanks for the great game!  I'm enjoying it.  A few quick rules questions please:  I assume the the rule stating I may only use each feature's ability once means once per turn, and not once per game - is that correct?  Also, when I activate the lodge to turn 1 ale to 1 point per adjacent house, do I need a separate ale for each house...or is 1 ale sufficient for all the adjacent houses?  In other words, if I had 1 ale and 3 houses surrounding the lodge, would that result in just 1 point, or 3?  Lastly, do I need a second die to activate the "Special Action, Use Up" ability, or does that ability just piggy-back on the first die used to activate it.  Thanks!

You're welcome, thanks for playing!

1. Once means once per turn, yeah.

2. You only need one ale, regardless of how many houses.

3. Use Up doesn't require a second die.

Awesome.  Just played it again and really love the scoring chains you can set up with temples, lodges, and houses.  Thanks for your help!

I love that the photo includes doubleD6's... I love those; got a bunch years ago when they were first KS'd!  :D

Yeah! I really like them. My wife got me a couple sets for Christmas a couple years ago.

A little foggy on the rules. If I roll say 6,6,4 on my first turn. Can I build three farms? Or say two brewery, and a house?  I could also build a temple and activate a farm if this was a later term right?

Thanks for playing! The answer to all of that is yes! The only limitation with buying is that you can't split a single die: For instance, you can't use one 6 to buy two farms.