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Played this late last night. First game I ended up with -11 points. Second game I ended up with 13 points. 

I am really digging this style of game.  It's super fun and I like the theme. 

I'm going through and trying all of your solo games now. Can you recommend any games by other people to someone who is new to the print and play world?

Hey, thanks for playing! Here's a couple that I like:

Lo he jugado varias veces, y creo que es complicado seguir la puntuación a medida que juegas si no lo vas apuntando.

Creo conveniente crear un sistema de puntuación intermedia a medida que vas jugando para saber qué colocar.


> 1 to 99 players

but you only have 2 dice, 20 turns to play, how would they play all together?


Use the same dice for the whole group. At a certain point you might need someone calling, like in bingo.


Nice game, you can present the game in the 2nd ROLL & WRITE GAME DESIGN CONTEST in BGG


Oh hey, that's a good idea, it's been a while since I did a BGG contest.