This is the result of a lot of stuff that's been swirling around in my head. Equal parts Gato Roboto and Fist's Elimination Tower, plus I've been watching Evangelion...

Arrow Keys and Z to move through the space station. Hit all the fuse boxes in a level to open the door.

Your first jump is boosted, use it wisely.

Do try to collect all the cards. I promise it's worth it.

Be kind to yourself and others.

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I got all of the red cards except one of the last ones, but the gate still opened ( I had 12 of 13 cards.) Not sure if there's anything to do in that room, or if I just read the text

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There are smaller portals to move to. I wanted to do something weird for the last bit, so it's a bit dadaist. I should have kept the door symbology consistent though.

that was a amazing game! but what does the red gate do!!??? i went near is and nothing happened he just said get away? all in all i had fun

The red Gate opens if you collect 12 cards without losing any. When I make an update I'm going to make that easier to do because the current requirement is maybe a bit unfair.

I loved the writing and what initially seemed like a trivial mechanic ended up becoming a interesting way to turn a platformer into little puzzles. Great game, everything in it works flawlessly!

I almost scrapped it after the first couple levels because I didn't think there was anything interesting I could do. Getting that jump just floaty enough for some arial acrobatics was key, and I've got a couple new mechanics to add to the post-jam update that will push the puzzles a little further.

Verry smooth controls and graphics. I really dig the mystery, and I wanna know whats behind that ominous red gate! Interesting characters and world for such a short game, too. Excellent work!

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Thanks so much for playing! And good luck getting through the gate, I'm realizing now that losing all of your cards upon death is maybe too difficult >.<

Oh so it’s about the cards.... Gotcha

verry interesting and smooth! but i don't know how to pass the level where you hit the ceiling with the head every time. i can't even acces the card in the middle of the pit. good idea anyways!

Hey, thanks for playing!

This is something I could have tutorialized better, but you can boost jump even if you're not standing on the ground.