Thank you everyone!

I've received so much feedback from this game, and I wanted to thank everyone who has taken the time to play, and let me know what they thought.

This update changes a BUNCH of stuff, based on complaints that people have had, and rules clarifications they've asked for:

  • Probably the most unpopular decision I've made is to remove Mercenaries. This is because a lot of people have mentioned that using them is the only way to play well. I've replaced them with the ability to bribe your Dwarves, which is functionally very similar, but I think will balance things out a bit.
  • Increased Mining payouts a bit, to give players more incentive to dig deeper.
  • Reduced the cost of a number of rooms, so players will be more able to build.
  • Nerfed the Throne Room. It's just as hard to build, but only gives 5 points per turn. Getting it early enough in the last version could net you 600+ points, with a good game without a Throne Room peaking at around 300.

The rest is mostly just wording and layout changes. 

I've had one player mention that they would prefer to have goals to work towards, than simply trying to get a high score. My next step in this project is going to be a campaign, where you play five games, each with their own special rules, losing condition, and bonus if you beat a certain score.


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Aug 12, 2017

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