Just a tiny art gallery. Made when I should have been working on other things.

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TagsExploration, PuzzleScript, Relaxing, Walking simulator


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this is so cute lol

Thank you!

I really like what you did here. One of the ideas I always play around with is the idea of a digital museum one can walk through. I tried to do that with "Happy  Friends Museum" and would like to revisit the idea again.

Gonna level with you, this is my first time realizing it's not Happy Tree Friends museum. I want to play it a lot more now.

An obnoxiously devout Christian youth group member version of myself always wanted to do a virtual stations of the cross. This is like, what happened to that idea.

When I was typing it out I almost typed "Happy Tree Friends" as well. It's my homage / museum to Animal Crossing. The only other series that has that has left that kind of impression on me are the first 4 Layton games.