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Fight some Gnomes! Barter with a Harpy! Fix a Robot! I don't want to say too much else 'cause it's pretty short. If you've never played a gamebook, they're like Choose Your Own Adventure books where sometimes you roll dice. Normally they're longer than this, a good way to get a feel for them is Project Aon, which offers a digital version of the Lone Wolf series.

This started as a doodle I did during Lunch Supervision at work. I put the art together pretty quickly. It was mostly an experiment to see if you could make an interesting series of decisions in a pocketmod. I'm pretty happy with the high roll to fight, low roll to skill system, with each class getting a die. I might mess around with more of these in the future.

Print it up and fold it like how you do with pocket mods. The rest of the instructions are in the zine.

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If you destroy the door at “A”, I think the destination is “H”, not “O”.

(1 edit)

At this point it's kinda impressive the percentage of connections here that turned out wrong.

Thank you for spotting that!


Any chance of an A4 version?

What happens if you fail E?

Oh! You go to Q. I need to fix that.

Glad I could help :)

This is so good. Thank you.

If paragraph B to F, the story will not be connected.

I should gain Sphere, encount harpy.


Good catch! I'll fix it

For the Bandit: Does "6s explode" mean if I roll a 6, I can choose to make my roll either 6(*explosionCount)+1d6 or a new 1d6?

Yeah, if you're fighting and you roll a 6, roll another one and add the totals. If you're making a skill roll, you can reroll a 6 to try to get a lower number.