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Welcome to Five Bells

Five Bells is a peaceful coastal village home to tree-lined streets, sandy beaches and friendly locals. You've moved here in your semi-retirement to escape the frantic pace of the city, the solitude of your family estate in the mountains, or the cloying reminders of the dark secret you must keep from the world, lest your true nature be revealed. 

In the short time you've lived here, you have found a place in this community, a job, new friends, and plenty of time to engage in your passions. But you can't help but feel like something is wrong, nobody who lives in Five Bells was born here: The historic Churches and the old mill hint at a town older than any of you, and yet, everyone hails from somewhere else. There are so many counsels, clubs and fraternities, and the level of secrecy between and within them is completely at odds with the friendliness of day to day life. 

And yesterday you walked in on your best friend's body, lying on their living room floor. The coroner ruled the death "natural causes", but there is nothing natural about the three-pronged stab wound in their chest.

This is a module for the Domains roleplaying system that aims to create the atmosphere of cozy mystery television like Murder She Wrote or Diagnosis Murder, and then allow that atmosphere to splinter and boil as the dark supernatural history of the quaint retirement town, and the characters themselves.

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I would have never considered something like the anchor board to drive a genre mystery!

would pillage again for ideas 10/10

Please do! I don't know that I'm coming back to this one, and I don't think it's playable as-is