Minimal Haze is a bit Crunchier now, but also more Forgiving

I'm pretty happy with the mechanisms in Minimal Haze right now, and since this is the first devlog I've put out for it, I'll go over all of them, rather than just this update's worth:

  • Combos: Increase your combo with every block you break. It resets if a block gets past you. 
  • Multiplier: Your score for breaking a block is multiplied by your combo.
  • Grazing: Touch bullets with the edge of your square to increase your Combo, and gain a damage boost. (This is a "secret" mechanism, but important for advanced play) The damage boost lasts for 1 second, and stacks on multiple grazes.
  • Shield: If you have a high enough combo, click to lose it and gain a shield that protects you from bullets. Gain 50 points per bullet absorbed. The Combo threshold goes up by 10 each time you do this.
  • Safety: If you have a high enough combo, taking a hit will automatically activate your shield. The shield lasts 1/2 as long as it would if you triggered it automatically. (This was added to improve flow. The abrupt start/stop nature of runs without this feature was jarring, but I didn't want to implement a health system)
  • Difficulty: Every time you break a block, the next block will have 0.001% more health.

I hope this gives enough depth for players to really sink their teeth into. I've done some work to reduce memory usage and have adjusted the PC control scheme to better suit players using a touchpad. One-button mode is still PC-only for now, since I can't get taps to read fast enough.

This is probably my last upload for a while while I work on other projects. In the future, I'd like to add some unlockable skins, add a game speed adjustment, and make the one-button mode a bit more robust, but I think stepping away from the project will let me look at this with fresh eyes.

Thanks for playing!

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