Minimal Haze is a bit more Nuanced and a bit more Accessible

I increased the size of the grazing box, and made the outline visible to make it easier to graze. I also added a number to show the current bullet strength, and adjusted how bullet strength works:

  • Strength goes up by 1 when you graze
  • Strength goes down by 1/4 every second
  • Strength goes to 0 if you get hit
  • Strength goes up by 1/4 for every bullet you stop with your Shield
  • Strength goes to 0 if you let a block past while in Shield

I've also added a Game Speed option to make the game a bit more accessible.

I reset the save file this iteration because scoring is changed significantly. You'll need to set a new awesome high score, sorry.


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Feb 04, 2019

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