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Hi Robin, I'm Antoine from Superlude, a french boardgame publisher. Could we talk about Paper Pinball serie ? You can join me by message on my facebook page (Superlude). Regards. Antoine

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Championship Boogerball: If I use the ability of banana flippers and I lose 1 ball because I rolled a value that matches another die, is the entire roll then discarded or can I still use the dice?

Edit with a followup question on this table: Could I use a roll I could not otherwise place to enter a sub-board, even if there are no remaining scoring zones on that sub-board?

Also, in response to a previous question (~1 year ago), you said that if I lost a ball when I had multiball, I would lose both multiball and the ball.  The sheet now says "Instead of losing a ball you may lose multiball."  Does this mean that rule has changed at some point?

The way I've been playing it, if I cannot or do not want to place a value and I have multiball, I can choose to either lose a ball (keeping multiball) or lose multiball (not losing a ball, but only rolling 2 dice).


1) I think that the roll is lost, because the ball is lost.

3) Some tables have different rules, so in the one that allows you to sacrifice multiball, you can. If it doesn't say, then you lose both.

  • Re: the banana flippers, the entire roll is lost
  • Entering a sub-board happens instead of marking something. Yes you could use that to buy time
  • I think I've updated the rules on all the tables so that you always lose multi ball first
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Laser Sisters SE: If I never got around to consuming all 5 slingshots, does that disqualify me for "fill all scoring zones" extra points?

Are bumper bank completion bonuses pre-doubling or post-doubling?

Things like slingshots and tilt don't count as "scoring zones".

Bonuses printed on the board are added to Extra Points, so aren't affected by multipliers

When you open a tunnel by completing a bank circular targets, is it free choice of tunnel, or the tunnel that happens to be nearest the target bank spatially?

Free choice of tunnel

Stupid question: do you (somehow?) score as you go, or only at the end?

I score at the end. I'm not sure how you would score as you go.

I considered that it might be possible for an early bumper to NOT benefit from the doubling because you got it prior to the doubler.

I purchased your paper pinball holiday gauntlet. I also have Laser Sisters and some others. Just now starting to play them. I have a few questions but I'll start with this one--in the boxes to the right of bumpers, ramps, etc., it says H2 or H4. Sometimes these boxes are blank but sometimes filled in. 

Can you please explain the meaning of these? Thanks.

Ah, those are meant to be X's. They're just there to track your multipliers. Tunnels start with a 2x multiplier so they're shaded in to begin with. And if you already have a 2x and get another, it becomes a 4x

Thanks, I couldn't tell for sure so decided to ask. I appreciate you getting back to me

In Laser Sisters and Goblin Circus there is a triangle with 5 empty circles. Does it have any game play purpose?

Thats the Slingshot, you have 5 uses of it.

Again Fantastic, need more tables every month :)

Nice, i love this R&W games of pinball.

I'm glad you like it!

hello! I bought laser sister from pnp arcade, for some reason, if i print the bnw i get the whole picture, but if a print the color version, i only get the "first layer" kind of thing, i mean i do not get the background, with the laser girl and the falling boulder. Is it normal? Or do i have a computer issue?

Hi, I'm sorry to hear that happened! This is the first time I've heard of this particular problem. Have you tried re-downloading the file?

then it must be a computer related problem, i use a old computer, so i would not be surprise

Maybe try printing it, see if it's just a rendering issue with Acrobat?

Nice, thanks for the update!  Do I get it right that in Laser Sisters, only two of the three tunnels can be opened in a game? And for multiball, do I reduce the number of rolled dice from three to two when I lose a ball (instead of crossing one off)?

You're correct about tunnels. For multiball, you both lose the multiball and the ball.

Does that mean that the bonus for filling all scoring items means all except 1 tunnel?


On that table, yes.

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Lovely lovely lovely! Really like this and would like to see more tables. Had a few questions about scoring:

  1. Bumpers: Is the score the sum of all the bumpers?
  2. Ramps: Is the score the sum of all the ramp arrows?
  3. Targets: You say 5 points each and 10 points for a complete set. Is it an additional 10 points for the set? For example: 3-9-11. That's 15 points individually and I get 10 on top of that for a total of 25?
  4. Tunnels: "Worth twice the value shown" -- does this mean if I roll a 12 (two 6's), the total for that tunnel is 24 (12 x 2) or 12 (6 x 2)?
  5. I totally now realize that I was choosing between scoring individual dice (1d6) and sums (2d6). Not sure if changing "total" to "sum" in the first instruction would have fixed that for me. Just a note. Could totally just be me. :P

Going to be leaving some money right after this comment and trying again at lunch.

  • For Bumpers and Ramps, you are using the sum total of all scoring zones of a type. 
  • The 10 points per set of Targets is in addition to the 5 per target. So, yes you have that correct.
  • You write the sum of the dice in a Tunnel, and it gets doubled for scoring. So two 6s would be 24 points.
  • I'll definitely take all of these confusing bits into account moving forward. The intent was that you use the sum each time, but I might make another table use dice splitting like you mention, that could be interesting.

Definitely don't change the 2d6 sum rule based on my feedback. I just misread it. Personally I had a lot more fun the 2nd time through when I was using the sum. Maybe for different tables that can change, but I did enjoy it more when I played it correctly.

On a side note: more please.