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Rock, Rock Rock, Rock Rock Rock is similar to Rock, Paper Scissors. Rather than using different symbols, you play by selecting a different number of rocks. Two rocks beats one rock, three rocks beats two rocks, one rock beats three rocks.

When you use rocks, you lose them, but the more rocks you use the more points you get if you win. Each round, you keep any cards from the previous round, and the dealer gets to give cards to whoever the choose, adding an extra wrinkle.


You could play this game with any cards, or even a handful of buttons, since what's printed on them really doesn't matter.

If you'd like to play the game for more than three rounds, or with more than five players, consider using multiple sets.

CategoryPhysical game
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Rock, Rock Rock, Rock Rock Rock Rules.pdf 85 kB
rrrrrrfrontbw.pdf 29 kB
rrrrrrbackbw.pdf 3.7 kB
rrrrrrfrontcolour.pdf 29 kB
rrrrrrbackcolour.pdf 3.8 kB

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