Click on a vegetable to pick it and learn your fortune. You may only pick one a day.

You may have to click on the music note twice to get music playing. This seems to be a browser thing.

I've added my custom font and the game source (Minus some secrets) to the downloads.

Made for #AGBIC and #LOWREZJAM. Based on This Cartridge by Austin DuBois from Famicase 2018.

Published 44 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreVisual Novel
Made withConstruct
TagsGardening, Magic, Relaxing


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veggie garden font.png 709 bytes
SeasonsOfFortuneSrc.capx 1 MB


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I love this. I come here almost every day.


Hey, thanks for playing!

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This is interesting. Are all the fortunes hand written or is it a kind of madlibs randomizer? I'm always glad to see someone else using construct.

Nah, they're handwritten. I'm using the AJAX object to pull them from a text file.

And yeah, likewise!

Interesting idea. I clearly need more vegetables in my life.

Thanks! If my silly little game inspires one person to eat healthier, it will have all been worth it...

Pretty nice, a daily play at jam, good idea, :)

TBH, it was mostly so I wouldn't have to put in like a million fortunes.

Wow, the idea of "one per day" is so unique!! (I thought this was a bug at first but reading your description...)

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Thanks! I really feel like it gives small interactions more value. You see it done for a profit sometimes in the mobile space, but I was personally inspired by Vesper5, the various spinners in Neopets, and the Daily Challenge Mode popularized by Spelunky.

I should stop and smell the birds today! (My short term memory is not that good, what did it really say?)


It probably said watch.  :D 

But feel free to also smell them.

I am flesh destined for the grave. Never a truer fortune been told!

Sorry you got a depressing one! 

Naw, this thing's legit. #truth

I've given this a go but currently after picking my first veg (and seeing my fortune), the screen remains darkened and nothing happens. the only thing I can interact with is the music on/off button.

Cute style though!

Come back tomorrow! You can only pick one veggie a day!

Okay now I feel stupid, sorry for not reading the description properly - I was too eager to go picking vegetables!