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Loved ever moment of it!! good job! wish there were sounds though but all in all i loved it!!

This was really fun. Great idea and execution. I just wish there was music and sfx. But... game jam. I get it.

Nice graphics, fun RPG that lets us think about how different characters enhance each other

Well thought out introduction of each character. I saw how the wizard/healer comes second to the warrior. It guided me into healing the warrior as the tank for most damage.

Last room i let 2 of them die... Will definitely make a come-back to get the good ending

Oh, there's currently only the one ending. I went with the logic that "knocked out" doesn't mean "dead" here, and health is reset every encounter. 

I'm planning on doing a small update in the future to add some features and flesh out the story a bit. I hadn't thought of doing multiple endings, but that's a good idea!

love it though

as i was playing it froze half way through level 2? but i dont know if i hit a key that did it or not but u might want to check it out

There's a bug that makes the battles freeze. I can't find it, but you can hold Q for five seconds to skip a battle.

ok sick thanks! :D

I love the art <3