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I need to add to the word lists so feel free to reply with Adjectives or Nouns you'd like to see added to the mix!


  • July 27, 2020: Added some more words, adjusted the font style, added AGAIN and DOWNLOAD buttons
Updated 10 days ago
Published 14 days ago
CategoryPhysical game
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This is very cool. When I tried to screenshot the idea though, the shift key (part of windows screenshot) updated so I lost the text. Can you add an export button or adjust what advances the text so I can grab the text easier? 


How's this work?

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Oh you added a download button! That's perfect! Thank you! I'd add a star to the rating if I hadn't already given 5! That's great!

I appreciate the 5 stars, thank!


My goodness.


Holy Shit.


Bless this game machine.