Version 1: Lots of Cool Stuff

This is a little game that I spent 2 days "making" and several weeks polishing, making changes, balancing things and adding mechanisms. There's a lot of good stuff going on, though it might take some messing around with to figure out how it all works.

At the core, Bubble Lagoon is a twin stick shooter that gives you a single bullet that you need to pick up in order to use again. You are rewarded for defeating opponents in clever ways, using banking shots, hitting them at a distance, or hitting a bunch with one shot, and each enemy type adds a twist to how you approach combat.

There are four game modes, including Zen mode where you can't die, and Frenzy, which gives you an endless stream of random enemies. Hardcore mode makes things a bit harder, but also doubles all points.

If any of this seems interesting, I'd love you to try it out. If you pay three dollars for it, you can also have the 14-page PDF manual. the music and sound effects, some extra art that didn't wind up in the game, and my horrible convoluted, sparsely commented source code.

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