Version 3: Bugfixes and Tuning

I spent a bit of time on this today. It doesn't feel that different, but a number of things have been tweaked and polished.

  • Rebuilt Infinity power up to remove some bugs and make things feel better.
  • Adjusted cost of Torrent to be consistently 50 Mystic. Added "Torrent Ready" message.
  • Hitting bosses with the Torrent drops Mystic now.
  • Adjusted when bosses appear. Now you'll never be introduced to a new standard opponent and have to fend off a boss in the same wave.
  • Adjusted Chitidi (Fourth opponent type) movement to make them a bit more predictable.
  • Fixed Fade (Eighth opponent type) bug causing only one to see you and make all chase you.
  • Added autofire option for Infinite powerup.

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